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Unlock Your Future Drive: Nissan College Grad Program at Mossy Nissan Poway

Unlock Exclusive Savings with Mossy Nissan Poway’s College Grad Program

Congrats, grads! You've hit the books hard, walked the stage, and now it's time to drive into your future with style and savings. Here at Mossy Nissan Poway, we're thrilled to roll out the red carpet for recent graduates with our Nissan College Grad Program. Imagine getting behind the wheel of a brand-new Nissan, all while pocketing some serious savings as a nod to your academic achievements. Sounds good, right?

Hard Work Really Does Pay Off

We believe in celebrating milestones, and what better way to do so than by rewarding your dedication and hard work? With Nissan's College Grad Program, graduates can enjoy up to $500 Nissan cash back off MSRP, stacking on top of any existing offers. That's right—your diploma just unlocked more than just job prospects; it unlocked major savings on a new Nissan.

Eligibility is Key

So, who gets to unlock these savings? If you've graduated within the past 24 months or have a letter in hand confirming you'll be graduating in the next six months, plus proof of current or future employment that kicks off within 90 days, you're in! It’s our way of saying, "We’re proud of you, now let's get you on the road!"

How It Works

Swing by Mossy Nissan Poway and let us celebrate your new milestone. Here’s what to do:

  1. Find Your Perfect Nissan: Whether you're eyeing a sporty sedan or a rugged SUV, we’ve got the lineup to match your style and needs.
  2. Show Us Your Achievements: Bring in your diploma, letter of future graduation, and proof of employment. We'll handle the rest.
  3. Drive Off for Less: Enjoy the well-earned savings as you cruise out in your brand-new Nissan, ready to tackle all the adventures that lie ahead.

As part of Nissan’s Vehicle Purchase Program, this special offer is our way of giving a standing ovation to the hardworking graduates. It’s important to note, though, that these discounts are an exclusive perk that can't be combined with other VPP offers in the same transaction.

Nissan College Grad Program: Your Gateway to Savings at Mossy Nissan Poway

Unlocking the benefits of the Nissan College Grad Program is an exciting opportunity for recent graduates and soon-to-be graduates across Poway and beyond. This program is designed to celebrate your academic achievement by making it easier and more affordable to get behind the wheel of a brand-new Nissan. Let’s dive into the eligibility criteria to see how you can take advantage of this fantastic offer.

Who Qualifies?

The Nissan College Grad Program is open to:

  • Recent Graduates: If you've graduated from an accredited US two or four-year university, college, junior college, graduate school, or nursing school within the past 24 months, you’re in!
  • Upcoming Graduates: Those graduating within the next six months from such institutions also qualify, ensuring that even if you're just about to cap off your academic journey, the benefits are within reach.
  • Current Graduate Students: If you're currently enrolled in a graduate program, congratulations, you're eligible too!

Residency Requirements

To take part in this program, participants must reside in the continental United States, Hawaii, or Alaska. This wide eligibility ensures that graduates from coast to coast have the opportunity to enjoy the savings.

Proving Your Eligibility

Ready to claim your savings? Here’s what you’ll need to bring to Mossy Nissan Poway:

  • Proof of Graduation: A college diploma or official transcript showing your graduation within the past 24 months.
  • Confirmation of Upcoming Graduation: An official transcript or university letter confirming you'll graduate within the next six months.
  • Current Enrollment Proof: For those still studying, an official transcript or university letter will verify your ongoing graduate program enrollment.

Important Program Information

Qualified participants can make one purchase for personal use under their name through the Nissan College Grad Program. This means you have a golden opportunity to start your post-grad life in style, with a reliable, stylish, and efficient Nissan vehicle that meets your needs.

Celebrate Your Graduation with Exclusive Nissan Savings at Mossy Nissan Poway

Graduation marks the beginning of a thrilling new chapter, and what better way to kickstart this journey than by securing an exceptional deal on a new Nissan at Mossy Nissan Poway? Recognizing the hard work and dedication of recent graduates, we're proud to offer our Nissan College Grad Program. This fantastic initiative provides you with the opportunity to enjoy significant savings, including $500 cash back on top of existing offers, on your purchase of a brand-new Nissan.

At Mossy Nissan Poway, we’re more than just a dealership; we’re a community supporter that believes in giving back, especially to those who've shown remarkable dedication and hard work.

Whether you're eyeing a sleek sedan to navigate Poway's streets or a versatile SUV for your next adventure, our new inventory has just what you need. Not looking for a new car? Our pre-owned inventory might have the perfect match for your needs and budget. Plus, with our EV's inventory, going green has never been easier. Don't let financing worries hold you back; our financing options are designed to fit a variety of needs, ensuring you can drive off in style without breaking the bank. And don't forget to check our current special offers to maximize your savings. Visit Mossy Nissan Poway today, and let's celebrate your achievement by finding your perfect Nissan.


Graduates Save Big at Mossy Nissan Poway with College Grad Program

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